Bavarian National Prize for Xcerra Apprentices

Apprentices with excellent performance and an average grade of 1,5* or better at the end of their training period, are awarded the Bavarian National Prize.

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Multitest Participates in University Rosenheim Job Fair

As in years past, Multitest Rosenheim participated in the job fair Ikoro of the University of Applied Science in Rosenheim. Expectations for the fair this year were exceeded as 180 companies were represented over the two day event. Nearly 6,000 students, but also alumni and students from other schools, were invited to attend the fair to develop contacts for future job opportunities or apprenticeships.

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Experience: Working Space Germany

To start off, my name is Brice Callahan, a student from the United States. I have been working with Xcerra since January 2017 as an intern for the Global Parts Sales team of Multitest. We talked about the opportunity to work with Xcerra back in September, largely about what I wanted to learn from the […]

Multitest Apprentices Plant Trees for a Good Cause

A tutor and apprentices from Multitest volunteered their time to landscape the outdoor area of the Irmengardhof in Gstadt with beautiful hedges and a fruit garden.

On a sunny and warm fall Saturday in November, 17 apprentices and one tutor from Multitest made their way to the Irmengardhof to do a good deed. The Irmengardhof in Gstadt am Chiemsee is a facility run by the Björn Schulz Foundation that provides for a peaceful vacation spot for families with seriously ill children.

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Angehende Wirtschaftsingenieure zu Gast bei Multitest Einblicke in die Zukunft der Elektronikbranche

Studenten aus dem Wirtschafsingenieurwesen der FH Kufstein waren bei der Firma Multitest zu Gast. Bei einer Firmenführung mit anschließendem Fachgespräch erhielten sie umfassende Einblicke  in viele Bereiche des Unternehmens.

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Multitest sponsert Bus für Hochschulsport

Multitest hat zusammen mit anderen lokalen Sponsoren den Kauf eines Busses für den Hochschulsport finanziert. Mit dem neuen Bus gelangen Studenten der Hochschule Rosenheim künftig schnell und als Team zu Sportwettkämpfen in der Region und darüber hinaus.

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