To start off, my name is Brice Callahan, a student from the United States. I have been working with Xcerra since January 2017 as an intern for the Global Parts Sales team of Multitest. We talked about the opportunity to work with Xcerra back in September, largely about what I wanted to learn from the experience and how I could support the team. In the beginning I wanted to have a chance to really polish my Excel skills and apply my classroom studies to an actual business environment.

Since the start of my internship I have learned so much more during my time here. The focus of my effort has been to work with Excel to make the tasks of the team more efficient, with the bulk of the work dealing with the OEM Protect process. Essentially what has been implemented is ability to make it so that the team only needs to pull information from SQL and put it into the template to see important information in order to help sell the prospective customers on the OEM Protect Program. For the PM Kit portion of the Program it was a slightly different story, since I had to create something from scratch instead of improving a rough draft as in the case of the OEM Protect file.

But my time with Xcerra was more than just working on Excel spreadsheets for four months. This was my first time working in a fully professional environment, as all of my jobs prior to coming here were informal, or non-office type jobs. As such the culture here at Xcerra has done much to help teach me what is expected in this type of environment. That is not to say I had no expectation of how to work in this environment, but my lack of experience definitely showed in the first five to six weeks of my internship. With help from the whole team, I was able to work on my shortcomings and grow professionally. If I had to say there was one thing that I have been working on while here it is the “Active Listening” concept Pascal Rondé discussed in the Training Series in January. Being able to “Actively Listen” is such a useful skill, from being able to understand what is NOT being said, to being able to take criticisms and learn from them. While there is still much to learn about this, if I were to compare myself now to the beginning of my time here there would be a very noticeable difference.

Working at Xcerra has been a fantastic opportunity that I am so thankful for. Even though my German, or more specifically my Bavarian, was not quite good enough for day to day business usage everyone here was more than willing to accommodate me and speak in English. On top of that I have learned so much in my short time here, much more than in a University setting.