TRI 2. Be Bald. Be Brave. Beat Cancer.

I never liked running. Even when I was enlisted for the army (which every 18 year old Singapore boy has to be), or when I was representing my college for soccer, I hated training runs and always finished last in the group. It was not until I passed 40 that I laced up my Adidas again, due to the doctor’s advice. In the second year of my running, the devil inside challenged me to attempt a marathon.

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Multitest Participates in University Rosenheim Job Fair

As in years past, Multitest Rosenheim participated in the job fair Ikoro of the University of Applied Science in Rosenheim. Expectations for the fair this year were exceeded as 180 companies were represented over the two day event. Nearly 6,000 students, but also alumni and students from other schools, were invited to attend the fair to develop contacts for future job opportunities or apprenticeships.

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Experience: Working Space Germany

To start off, my name is Brice Callahan, a student from the United States. I have been working with Xcerra since January 2017 as an intern for the Global Parts Sales team of Multitest. We talked about the opportunity to work with Xcerra back in September, largely about what I wanted to learn from the […]